What's your shipping charge/policy?

FREE shipping if you spend more than $50.  USPS is the usual carrier.  I try to send items out asap, but as I'm often traveling you should expect 2-3 weeks for arrival.

My new FACUFF/METAL FACUFF doesn't look EXACTLY like the one pictured on the website. What gives?

None of my pieces are printed/manufactured by a machine - I create each one start to finish, by hand, and therefore they all have small differences and variations.  So technically each piece is one-of-a-kind!

How do I care for my new FACUFF/METAL FACUFF?

For FACUFF's:  They are waterproof, so when you wash your hands or shower, they get clean too.

For METAL FACUFF's:  They are water-resistant, meaning splash proof, but don't submerge them.  Normally no care is needed, but if you get something on them, simply wipe GENTLY (don't try to polish it) with a microfiber towel dampened with water.

For both:  Hand/body lotion or oils will dull the finish over time.  Some contact is ok, but wipe off (see above) excess lotion.

Do the METAL FACUFF's break?

Anything can be broken, i.e. If you drive over it with your car, it will break.  How about from normal use?  The METAL FACUFF's have proven to be pretty durable - you should have no problems.

Ok, but what about chipping or cracking?  The surface polymer will usually just dent and return to shape after a few minutes, it's pretty tough.  However, let your cuff come to at least room temp before adjusting.

Is it ok to repeatedly adjust them?  Within reason, yes.  NEVER attempt to flatten (fully open) your METAL FACUFF.  After the initial adjustment, most people just turn them to the side to take on/off - little bending is required.  

What's the best way to ruin my new FaCuff? (What NOT to do)

Put it on with greasy hands, peel it apart 25 times to get it 'just right', let it get super cold, and then have your friends stretch it to death...

Ok, so how DO you get the FaCuff's to last so long?

Just follow the instructions, but mainly being GENTLE is key.  FaCuff's only really wear out from stretching, so if you keep it on and don't stretch it much, it'll last a ridiculously long time.