What is this amazing thing, and how do you wear it?

The FACUFF is a WRISTBAND.  It's made entirely out of my proprietary polymer, called FaPaint.  You can wear them all the time because they're WATERPROOF.

FACUFF's come in a dazzling array of styles, and are really great for travel/work when you want to wear something cool that stays out of your way.

To wear (put on the first time):  With clean hands, peel your FaCuff from the white backing.  Wrap around your wrist, overlap ends, and press together.  The material will seal and make a permanent bond.  To take off, GENTLY stretch over your wrist.  

For best results:  NEVER try to peel your FaCuff apart, it won't stick again.  ALWAYS warm your FaCuff under warm water, or use a hair dryer for a few seconds before attempting to stretch it.  FaCuff's are brittle in the cold, but stretchy when warm.  NEVER let your friends see how far they can stretch it - I bet you can guess what will happen : )